Monday, February 14, 2011

♥ Happy HEARTS Day! ♥

The Tinman's heart was always there
Tender, loving filled with care!
The Lion always had the courage
No need to wonder, ponder or "wourage"!
The Scarecrow, yes he had a brain
Smart and loving I do proclaim!
And Dorothy, well she always knew
There's no place like home...she got the clue!
So on this Heart-filled Valentine's Day
Don't let the true meaning get away.
And this my friends is a wish from me to you
On this day filled with red and pink blue!
May your day be filled with friendship and fun
May you experience love that can't be undone
May you follow your yellow brick road to a sweet oz
Dance, Dream and Laugh just because
For we don't need Valentine's Day to share our heart
But we can use it to remind us it's a good place to start!
Happy HEARTS Day!

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Caroline said...

Happy Valentines Day!