Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oops, She Did It Again...A Paper Mache' Creative Creature Feature!

A Valentine's Day
That's Sister, Shari has done it again, but it's really not an's a WOW!! She went and created one of the most adorable and creative creatures that can only be satisfied by valentines!
Yep! It's a 3 eyed, groovy green, sharp toothed, heart antenna-ed, pointy-eared Martian Monster that's just waiting to gobble up some sweet valentine's cards!  How'd she think of that?  Well it all started when my "monster loving" great nephew, Parker (I love this kid!)...
...put the challenge out there and my Sis delivered (with Parker's help) on all counts!

From Start!

To the "Monsterly" Cute Completion!
And to SEE everything from Start to Finish and everything in between check the video out HERE!
To my never cease to amaze me with your paper mache' creations and this one is no exception! You Rock!
(Please Note: For full impact...this next sentence needs to be read as a martian monster would recite! LOL)
Beep, beep, take me to your leader...I could go for a sweet valentine treat too!

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