Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Secret of Raggedy Ann...A Gift Of Love!

Today while I was going through some boxes of old treasures I came across a couple of Raggedy Ann dolls that my Mom had made several years ago.  
The smaller Raggedy she made for my Daughter and the one that looks a little more tattered she had lovingly made for me (that one was several, several years ago). 
I thought how special these simple cloth Raggedy Ann dolls were,  first because they were gifts made by my Mom, who is no longer with us and I miss terribly everyday and secondly because of the reminder of the secret story behind the Raggedy Ann doll.  A story of the magic of how a simple, uncomplicated doll with a silly flat face can touch our hearts, bring a smile to our face, evoke memories filled with love and droop with us when we are feeling down...who doesn't need to have a Raggedy Ann.
So for those reasons I have always felt a connection to Raggedy Ann.  I love her colorful character and have sketched and painted this silly, heartfelt doll as far back as I can remember, In fact, after a little more hunting today I found a watercolor painting that I painted over 30 years ago (almost a collectible...hehehe) 
And with all of these Raggedy finds today I was inspired to re-create that little dolly, wrapped in paper with a big bow just waiting to be passed on as a Gift of Love to a lucky recipient and as a reminder of unconditional love...a treasure of the heart!
A sunshine feeling, a treasure of the heart
A simple little rag doll, but oh so smart
Colorful and fun she's always by your side
Filled with lots of love that she just can't hide.
A Gift of Love in a package with a the big pink bow
To share with my friends so the love will grow and grow!

Here's a peek from start to finish!

Now you know the secret of Raggedy Ann...A Gift of Love!


Anonymous said...

I always wanted a Raggedy Ann Doll, and never had one. Your art is fabulous, and this Ragged Ann piece is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the steps you go through.

sassypackrat said...

I love Raggedy Ann! I still have the one I got for Christmas when I was 4. She wasn't handmade and she's a little worse for wear but I still adore her. She has such a fond place in my heart!
Your drawing of her is so sweet!

Joni Nickrent said...

Thanks so much Rhonda and SassyPackrat for your wonderful comments! Raggedy holds a special place in my heart too...especially the one my Mom made!