Friday, February 25, 2011

A Seuss Birthday Celebration...Sure To Be Fun By All Indication!

It's almost time for a Celebration of Seuss-tacular proportions.  March 2 is the good Dr's birthday and here's some fun ideas to celebrate in Seuss Style...silly for sure...for which there's no cure!
Kick off with the invitations...send them out across the nations!
Personalized just 2...just 4 U!

A great party hat . . . it's a cookie at that!

Or one for your head . . . it relieves all dread!

Bunting to hang...can you talk with a "twang"?

Cupcakes . . . Thing 1 and Thing 2 . . . yummy, it's true!

More treats . . .  of course you can eat!

Green "deviled" Eggs and Ham . . . for sure, Sam I Am!

Oil Cloth Chalk Mats...oh, how cool! And a DIY tutorial you don't even have to go to school!

Little Pumpkin Grace

Decorations for the room...zoom, zoom, zoom zoom!

Pull it all together for Seuss Birthday Fun!
A Party, A Celebration It's Only Just Begun!

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