Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Stumble Upon . . . The Web Of Whimsy! Whimsical Wk #15

On this ☂rainy ☁, ☼ sunny ☼, ☂rainy☁ , ☼ sunny☼ ,☂ rainy-sunny ☼ Saturday I was pleased to stumble upon a blog called "Web of Whimsy" and a fun linky that's called Whimsical Week.  So what's the "dealio" with the
"linkio"?  It's a place to share your "whimsical" art that you created during the past's put to a vote on Tally Tuesday...hehehe) to see who is bestowed the title of "Wizard of Whimsy" for each week of submissions.  I thought how absolutely, definitely, amazingly, perfectly whimsical and fun.  So I gathered all of my Pop Art Mini works from the past week and placed them here as my entry into this weeks...Whimsical Week #15...and am now crossing my fingers, toes and eyes to become a "Wizard of Whimsy". 

hmmm....looking back it seems I had a thing for hats!
Layers of stacked hats, The Cat in the Hat and a Pirate how do you like that!

Oh, and there's one more thing I have to do to be able to enter...answer this question
Would I rather be a slide or a swing!
My answer...

Back and forth flying high into the sky
That is definitely my reason why
Although a slide is very nice too
I can't stand still...that just won't do!

I do believe I've been inspired for a next Pop Art Mini...hehehe
Thanks Web of Whimsy!

Voting starts in 2 days...check back for the Tally Tuesday Link!


gatheringwonder said...

so glad that you found us - what a wonder-filled post of whimsicality - great to have you in the mix...I look forward to following you...

Joni Nickrent said...

Thanks for the follow back! Look forward to the whimsical linky journey! :)

21 Wits said...

How about my saying this is fabulous! Yes filled with whimsy and such delightfulness for my eyes! Lovely art!

Joni Nickrent said...

Thanks so much Karen! So happy that you enjoyed my art! Smiles!

Cameron said...

So nice to have even another reason to be playful and light-hearted :)

I said I'd rather be a as not to have a kink in my chain...heehee!

Good luck!

Gumnut said...

I love your style. Energetic and strong with a great use of colour. I also really like the textures you create.

I think my fav is the Cat in the Hat, but then my three year old daughter is a Dr Seuss fan, so I may have been pre-brainwashed :D

(via Web of Whimsey)

PixieDust said...

eeeee! How wonderful! The Cat in The Hat is the BEST!

and thank you for the visit, and the lovely comment.