Saturday, March 19, 2011

Catch A Super Moon...19th March 2011...Moon Gazing Pop Art Mini Style

"Super Moon Gazing"  close up    by Joni Nickrent    copyright 2011
a good moon gazing and tonight the moon will be as close to earth has it has been in 18 years appearing approximately 15% bigger,  and could appear to be about 30% brighter than normal. Inspired by such a Moon-umental event I just had to create a Pop Art Mini to celebrate! I'll pretend that's me in the picture holding the star balloon and doing some "up close and personal" moon gazing with a couple cute little friends!
"Super Moon Gazing" by Joni Nickrent copyright 2011
"Super Moon Gazing" close-up   by Joni Nickrent copyright 2011
Me and my pals...Moon Gazing hehehe!
Hope you enjoyed a gaze and a gander..cause it's not every day we can catch a "Super Moon"

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Vicki Smith said...

Thanks for the reminder about checking out the moon! Someone was just telling me about that the other day and I forgot to look last night. Darling images!