Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cold Thingy 1 & Cold Thingy 2...This silly Cold Thingy Just Won't Do!

Hey, Dr. Seuss would you mind making a visit
I know it's your birthday of course it is, is it!
Surely you've got a cure for this cold thingy 1 and 2
A little bit of rhyme time maybe that will do.
Sniffles, sneezes, wheezes seem to have occupied my day.
Please tell me how to make this go away.
A tip or two from the Doctor of whimsical humor and fun
Will surely do the trick to send this cold thingy on the run.
So I'll search for the answer from your wisdom tried and true
And end with Happy Birthday wishes from me to you.

Oh, and can you take this Cold Thingy 1 and 2!
Because this silly cold thingy just won't do!

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