Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Fantastical Gift from my Sis...Fractured Fairy Tales and Toads too!

HAZARD! May Cause Sleepiness That Lasts for 20 Years!
Once upon a time, a long time of my favorite cartoons to watch was Fractured Fairy Tales.  I loved the whimsical and silly characters that appeared in these fun short minis and to my surprise an envelope arrived a couple days ago and inside was a DVD of 15 "ribbiting" tales...The BEST of Fractured Fairy Tales! WOW! How cool...and a BIG THANKS to my Sister, Ami who was the fairy of fun that sent me this magical little gift!
And of course how could it not inspire a "fractured fairy tale" Pop Art Mini!
A Sneak Peek...Fairies, Toads and Tiara's, oh my!
Fractured Fairy Tales...Fairies & Toads in Tiara's    by Joni Nickrent    copyright 2011

THANKS AGAIN AMI...what a happy ending this will be...hehehe!

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Cameron said...

Fun stuff! So nice to get surprises from those that know and love you the best! The artwork is precious, too :D