Monday, March 28, 2011

A Fractured Fairy Tale Pop Art Mini...The Fairy & The Frog In The Tiara!

Inspired it's true, by a DVD from my sis, Ami! Fractured Fairy Tales Volume 1! I couldn't resist creating my own version of the art for the front of the DVD cover and a ribbing tale of
The Fairy And The Frog In The Tiara!
by Joni Nickrent    copyright 2011
From DVD to Sketch
From Sketch To Pops of Color
More Pops of up details, details, details!
A Close up what big eyes you both have...and the tiara...Stunning! LOL
Copyright 2011
Wishing you a day filled with "ribbiting" fairy tale magic!
What's Your FAVORITE "Fractured Fairy Tale"?

Not sure what a Fractured Fairy Tale is...find out more HERE!


Unknown said...

Me loves the frog! He looks like a toy Me used to have. But my hairy slobbery sister Bob, chewed it up!

peggy gatto said...


gatheringwonder said...

another great addition to this week's whimsy!