Friday, April 22, 2011

The One Day Reminder...Earth Day Escapades GIVEAWAY!

Ok, so today is officially called "EARTH DAY"...the one day that we celebrate the earth in a BIG WAY...go "gaga" over green...plant trees, flowers, sing with the birds, recycle, upcycle, reuse, BUT WAIT!
What if...we celebrated EARTH DAY EVERYDAY? 
Sure! That's what Earth Day is really's a reminder!  Come on we all need a reminder every now and than...right?  Ok, got it..I know that I sometimes forget to put on my "green jeans" I can appreciate a little reminder! So....I'm pledging to be a better advocate for the Earth...go off on an Earth Day Escapade and actively participate daily by Reducing, Reusing, Recycling, Upcycling, Bicycling (SMILES) and Celebrating EARTH DAY not just on this one day, but EVERYDAY!

Now for the GIVEAWAY PART! 
That photo of the bag at the top of the post...that could be yours...a great green way to tote your groceries, lunches, anything that required a paper or plastic bag could be toted the "green" way in the reusable tote bag...featuring a fun "Think Green" Pop Art Mini design on the front pocket!
So for your chance to win the tote...with a few surprises tucked inside here's what you need to do!
Leave a comment below on how you "celebrate green...Earth Day, Everyday" That's it! Oh, ok...a follow here and there would be nice too! :)
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Entries close 4/28/2011 at 11:59 pm.  ONE lucky winner will be drawn out of the hat on Friday, April 29, 2011
So...let the "green" comments, suggestions and shares begin!
How do you celebrate Earth Day...Everyday?  
"Think Green" by Joni Nickrent   copyright 2010
Happy Earth Day...GIVEAWAY!

Join me over at A BILLION ACTS OF GREEN where I have made a pledge and you can too!
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Oh, and one more thing...make sure there's a way I can contact you if you're the winner of the giveaway...check back next Friday when I post the winning name!


Unknown said...

We use old socks or lonely socks to maek decorations for easter (rice bunnies0 and puppets.

Joni Nickrent said...

WOW! GREAT IDEA Jeannine! Thanks for sharing!

Scrapp'n Nana said...

Joni where to I go so I can try to win this beautiful bag. "Celebrate Green...Earth Day, Everyday" Okay I will go to all three places and I sure hope it will help me. Thanks so much even for the chance to win. Thanks for sharing this with us. I celebrate by giving thanks every day for what the Good Lord has given me. My home and the wildlife that is around me. For the green fields and yards that are near me. I help by keeping my grounds clean so wildlife comes by to eat.


Donna Scrapp'n Nana
want to look, I would love you too.

Joni Nickrent said...'re in for another chance to win! Good Luck

Dolores Quilts said...

We try to make taking care of the earth part of every day. We compost food scraps, and all the fall leaves for my gardens. We try to use cloth bags when shopping. We try to reuse everything or recycle. I save and use even the smallest scraps of thread and cloth for my art, and what is even too small or unusable for me goes to a friend who makes dog pillows for a shelter. I also try to use eco friendly dyes in my art. I save all kinds of things to use for crafts for scouts and bible school.
Thanks for showing your love for the earth.

SWiggins said...

We use old books that nobody wants and make cool new journals with them. Then we use our scrap paper from that to make fun little notepads.

Joni Nickrent said...

Awesome Shares Dolores and Slightly Askew...Love it! Thanks for joining in the Earth Day Fun here at Pop Art Minis! Good Luck!

Finding Charm said...

I keep a bag in my car so that I can put recyclable trash in it so that it doesn't make it to the trash can.

Unknown said...

We have been switching out all of our lights to LED - the end result is just as bright and you would not believe how little power they use.

Joni Nickrent said...

More Great Green Goodness @FindingCharm and @Moags and Smeet! Thanks for sharing your Green Earth tips! Good Luck in the Giveaway!

AmyJRockstar said...

Hi Joni,
I use practically everything I can for scrapbooking... toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, any food boxes, etc. Also recycle everything, bring my own bags to the store and encourage others to do as much. I always use both sides of paper too, before recycling, I make scrap pads out of extra pages that got printed by accident, etc. Thanks for the chance to win!

XO ~ Amy Jo (follower)
amyjrockstar at gmail dot com