Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Professor Clement Willoughby Cottontail...A Steampunk Bunny!

Professor Clement Willoughby Cottontail   by Joni Nickrent    copyright 2011
He's a little bit quirky...a little bit fun
Top hat and umbrella...gears that run
A great big heart and a tick tock clock
Steampunk Bunny...he totally rocks!
Hippity Hopping down the bunny trail
That's where you'll find Professor Clement Willoughby Cottontail
You've come a long way, bunny!
A close up view...let me get a good look at you!
Steampunk fun...heart, clock and gears that run!
Feeling Steampunk and need a great name like the Professor?
Check out the Steampunk Name Generator HERE!
You can call me, Helene Golighan Egars


21 Wits said...

Oh this is such a wee little darlin' of a bunny...very moving artwork! Thanks!

Judy Goddard said...

Very cute! But I think he may have trouble with his bumbershoot if the rain comes down!

gatheringwonder said...

so glad to have you in the mix again - wonderful finished piece

gatheringwonder said...

YAHOO - you are the Wizard of Whimsy - again! Congrats Joni

DoodleDesign said...

Wow! Congrats Joniii :D.. and say 'Hello' to the Professor!