Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Tisket A Tasket A Paper Mache' Easter Basket...Hand Made with Love!

WOW! Was the first word that I said when I saw the amazing and very large paper mache' Easter baskets that my multi-talented Sis, Shari made for her Grandkids this year! I think she made the Easter bunny blush at such a creative and awesome feat! 
Take a look for yourself...I think these awesome baskets would make any bunny hoppy to be able to call them their own...heck, I'm putting my order in for next year!
A blow up punching ball balloon was used to mold the paper mache' around, making for a super size basket shape.  Shair then made 3 dimensional nameplates and unique accents to create a personalized and unique basket for each little kiddie! 
Pops of color and a clear acrylic sealer to make sure they'd last for years to come...the collectible and colorful line up! And if you want to know if they were a hit...just take a look at these faces...
I'd say they were definitely a hit...especially filled with awesome fun and fantastic treats. Now that's what I call a tisket, a tasket...a VERY LARGE and AWESOME Easter Basket...handmade with Grandma's Love!
Hey, Shari...May Day's coming up?  Any plans for more basket fun?


Kristin Dudish said...

Wow - those baskets are absolutely incredible! What a wonderfully artistic family you have :)


Miss Bertie Gone Green said...

The cutest baskets I have ever seen, and clever. Love Them! Missbertiegonegreen

san clemente betty said...

OH SO BUNNY FUN!!!! Thanks for sharing! You girls are soooo talented!!!

Laura (TLN) said...

Wow! Those are awesome!

Joni Nickrent said...

Thanks for your wonderful comments! I'll be sure to pass them on to my Creative Sis, Shari!