Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WIP...Tick Tock Sketching Round the Clock...Got A Minute 4 A Sneak Peek

So here's a quick sneak peak of an idea I had after finding this adorable Tick Tock "Round The Clock" book at the Long Beach Flea Market (which by the way is coming up again this Sunday).
I've had the book for a while and have been thinking of how to actually turn it into a clock...which will happen, but in the meanTIME I thought how fun to create some POP ART MINI clock faces...print them up and create some Tick Tock Colorful Clocks!  I've enlisted the help of my hubby...who will be making the wooden part of the clocks and than I'll Pop in the color...finishing and details. 
A Perfect plan...like clockwork, right? We'll see as time goes by. 
Hope your day is filled with fun and "fabulousness"!"

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