Tuesday, May 10, 2011

W.I.P. A Sneak Peek...Under The Big Top...Step Right Up!

shhh...don't let anybody see you peeking!
Under The Big Top   by Joni Nickrent   copyright 2011
After spending a few weeks in Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Land I was inspired by a recent trip to the movie theatre to see "Water For Elephants".  So I grabbed my super-sized mini sketch pad and stepped right up, tamed the lion, clowned around and fed the elephant with this sneak peek "Under the Big Top!"
The Ringmaster and the Lion
Another Peek Inside...clowning around!
And after the sketch was complete I even got a big top of the page start on the "pops" of color!
Alot more work ahead, but so far my big top mini is full of circus fun!  
So what do you think...wanna buy a ticket to the "big show"? I promise it's gonna be full of colorful fun?

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Valerie-Jael said...

I think this a circus where i would like to be, really magical! Valerie