Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hanging Out With Jack...Halloween Purple, Orange and Black!

What fun we'll have on Halloween when the moon is shining bright.
Black Cats and spooky shadows in the middle of the night.
A purple spider hangs out too and flashes a silly grin
With characters like this you know the mischief will soon begin.
So grab your trick or treat bags and head on over for fun
We're hanging out with Jack, the the excitement has just begun!

From sketch to pops of color a desktop and side by side view
And here's a few close ups I'd like to share with you!

That was fun I must admit and now that it's complete
I'm moving on to the next you have an idea that might be neat?

Shared Here!


Christine said...

so much wonderful detail in your sweet Halloween mini!

Unknown said...

Hi Joni...

I love this .......this looks adorable!!!!!!!Wonderful piece and thanks for sharing this!!!

Valerie-Jael said...

So beautiful, the little black cat looks sooo cute and good, love her! Valerie

lissa said...

sweet art! it really makes one want to smile.

have a lovely day.

Morph Waffle said...

So cute and sweet, love the spider and cat and the side by side views!

Joni Nickrent said...

Thanks all for your Sweet SWEET Saturday comments! Always fun to read and so happy that you popped by!

Finding Charm said...

I love the hat and all it's details

Icy BC said...

How beautiful, and very detailed!

Anne Butera said...

So sweet! Love Jack's happy face! And so much detail! I always enjoy seeing multiple views of a piece because that helps me catch all those details.