Monday, June 27, 2011

North Pole Pals, An Antarctic Blast of Holiday Cheer and Pretty Papers!

Beep! Beep! Waddle! Waddle! 
Make way for the North Pole Pals...Paul the Penguin and his pal, Teddy...they're ready for a Beary Merry Christmas! 
"North Pole Pals"    Joni Nickrent    Copyright 2011
BEARing gifts wrapped in pretty papers...filled with heartwarming fun!  
Thanks to my twitter friends that joined in the naming fun...awesome inspiration! @pammyc1, @snowwhitett, @marlalac, @barbielittleone
Next up a look at this holiday mini from sketch, to work in progress, to the side by side and the final reveal! 
CAUTION...lots of pix ahead!
Sketch on the desk...ready for "pops" of color!

A close up of Teddy
 And now for the Big Reveal!
"North Pole Pals"     Copyright 2011
That's all for now, but I'll be working on more Christmas in July
Enjoying this journey I cannot lie!
Happy, Happy, Merry Merry!


Marlene said...

I love this, they are just so cute. What a fun Christmas card they would make.

Valerie-Jael said...

Great work as laways. How long does it take you from start to finish? Huga, Valerie

Joni Nickrent said...

Thanks Marlene and Val! Hope you're having a happy, happy, merry, merry day! :) Val most of the drawings take me around 10-12 hours from sketch to color without breaks! Some of the larger one's a little longer.

Heather said...

wonderful! merry merry early christmas!

Virtual Boy said...

Beautiful work, love your awesome way of coloring! I get such comfortable vintage vibes of childhood memories when looking through your works. ^-^

Anonymous said...

aww, you are an amazing artist.

Finding Charm said...

This one is super cute. Penguins are so fun to work with it seems. The Teddy face is sweet.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Wow! You are already in holiday mode... I am still enjoying the balmy weather. Can't even think Chrismtas yet. That said, love the penquin. :)

ArtbymeCindy said...

Another winner Joni! So very cute! Penguins are another favorite of mine!!

Kristin said...

So so cool! I LOVE that shot where we see your tools (colors) in the background too. You really amaze me. I so wonder what all this beautiful Christmas work is for - hopefully a book! xo