Saturday, August 27, 2011

CELEBRATE...Sock Monkey Style!

Celebrations of all kinds go on each day and each of us celebrate in a different way so this silly sock monkey is here to lend a hand...grab the balloons, he's got the cake...strike up the band!
Inspired by a celebration of an amazing Marie Osmond dolly show on QVC with 22 on air sellouts...whoohooo! 
AND celebrating the fact that my vacation officially starts today and I will soon be flying out to Illinois to spend a week with family and friends...where I'm sure there will be lots of laughs, smiles hugs and the big Labor Day Celebration too! We call that Hog Days! Check it's a celebration of a whole different kind!

Sweet Sock Monkey Celebrations   8"x10"  Sharpie/Prismacolor Pencil   copyright 2011
Wishing you many SWEET Celebrations filled with laughter, fun and cheers!


Trina Prenzi said...

Love your Sock Monkeys Joni!! Wishing you a wonderful vacation with your family and friends! :)

Unknown said...

So cute! and I do hope you have the best time with family. Sounds like you have it all planned and it's sounds like a great time awaits you enjoy it all and hope to see you again soon ;0) Dxx

Unknown said...

I love your cute sock monkey celebration Joni!!!! what a fun piece....We have painted so many sock monkey's because we love them so much!!! love this!!!!

Perfect for Sweet Saturdays too!!!

Christine said...

love your colourful sock monkeys, I also love Marie Osmond! Have a great vaca. Glad it's not in the path of the hurricane.

Carola Bartz said...

Such a gorgeous sock monkey!

Catherine Denton said...

This is so cheery and fun! Have a wonderful time on your trip.
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Sabina said...

What a fun idea for a post. Great monkey!