Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Halloween Fairy and Her Jolly Jack Friend...Magical Fun!

"Halloween Fairy Lilura"    12"x18" Oil Pastel   copyright 2011
Fall is just around the corner and this little Halloween fairy is ready and waiting with her glowing jack-o-lantern friend, magical fairy wings and bewitching hat.  Pull up a broomstick and take a peek at the close-ups, comparison and the big reveal as Fairy Lilura...which means enchantment...makes her Pop Art Minis debut!  (Thanks to Sandy from The Hive for the name suggestion and a big thank you to everyone who left comments with awesome fairy name suggestions... I'm sure I will be using them for future fairies!)
Fairy magic on a Halloween night
Big eyes...a fun delight!
A Jolly jack shining bright!
Side by side oh, what a sight!
"Halloween Fairy Lilura"    copyright 2011

Wishing you a magical day...filled with fairy fun and lots of play!


Anonymous said...

she's a halloween beaurty,

Kristin Aquariann said...

She's adorable!! I can't wait for Halloween. ^.^