Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sneak Peek...W.I.P. A Nursery Mural Begins To Take Flight...From Sketch to Color!

Yesterday I started a BIG art-venture...a project where the canvas is actually a wall in my Niece and Nephew-In-Law's house. It's been a long, long time since I used acrylic paint and painted this large of a space so it took me a while to get off the ground! (SMILE) The theme for baby boy, Liam's nursery is vintage airplanes, so of course the wall needed to have an airplane that would take the room to new heights!
After getting lots of ideas from my Niece of what she wanted it too look like, here is what the final sketch that got everyone's seal of approval!

Pops of color...bright red with big bold stars...flying high now!
 Lofty clouds perfect for dreaming!
Take Flight Little One!    8"x10" Sharpie/Prismacolor Pencils   copyright 2011
The design not only is the inspiration for the wall mural, but will also be used on the shower invitations and the birth announcements that my sis, Ami will be creating soon! Weeeeeee...too fun!
And from the art on paper to the art on the wall the nursery mural begins to take flight.  
Here's a peek at where I landed after 7+ hours of sketching, painting, shading, sponging, etc.  
(Excuse the shot...the sun was streaming in...definitely a beautiful day for flying!)
Wall Mural   Approx. 8'x6'   Acrylic Paint
Still a ways to go, but should be able to finish up today...if I can lift my arms! LOL 
Oh, and we've been shooting pix of the process so that should be fun to see it from start to finish...real fast...you know like when an airplane shoots down the runway and before you know it you're gliding high in the sky singing sweet lullabies! A perfect nursery theme!

Up! Up! and AWAY...Wishing YOU A Perfect Day!


Anonymous said...

beautiful what a lucky baby!

Kelly said...

This is gorgeous and PERFECT for a little boy! It is turning out really well so far!
Big hugs and hope you can hold your arms up to finish today!

Valerie-Jael said...

Great mural, that is gonna be one lucky little boy flying high in his room!

Unknown said...

oh I love it ...so cute ! I did a mural room once a long time ago (12 yrs) for my last of the four sons...Ill never forget it...ill have to look up those old photos of it and share sometime
Love your stuff a lot, my blogland friend