Tuesday, August 16, 2011

W.I.P. Let The Sun Shine...Peace, Love and Flower Power!

Here's a peek at my latest mini that's channeling a bit of that late 60's, early 70's flair!
Peace, love and flower power...here, there...everywhere!
Peace, Love, Flower Power    12"x18"  copyright 2011
I was inspired and feeling a bit nostalgic after looking through pictures from a few years ago...ok, maybe quite a few years ago...you know, those hip to be cool, flower power, the "real" that 70's show kind of look years! LOL
I added the touch of color to this black and white photo...the groovy tunic tops actually had about every color of the rainbow in them! Mod, loud and funky...well we thought so anyway!
  And to think it wasn't even Halloween and this pic would end up being on our family Christmas card that year!  eeek!
So from that inspiring photo to this sketchy conclusion.
Peace, Love, Flower Power    Copyright 2011
Can't wait to get to the "pops" of color added...it's definitely going to be one mod and marvelous trip!

Till Tomorrow...PEACE OUT and have a GROOVY Day!

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