Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...Its Back To Work I Go...My Sock Monkey Summer Vacation Wrap Up!

All good things must come to an end 
My vacation included...although I'd love to extend!
It's been awesome, amazing and filled with fun.  
I wish it could last longer I'm not ready for it to be done!  
I don't have a choice,the answer for an extension was sorry, but No!
Singing hi ho, hi's back to work I go!
So I'm sharing a look back at the awesome vacation I had
With all these fun memories I can't really be sad!
From the QVC Dolly Show... amazing success
It had all of us cheering...YES! YES! THE BEST!
And inspired this monkey...Let's Celebrate
Awesome, fantastic...most definitely great!
22 Sell Outs...a banner show
A great way to kick off a vacation...I was ready to go!
Time to head to the airport...up up and way
Yes, it was finally first vacation day!
Off on Monkey Business airline of choice! 
(American Airlines, really!)
Filled with adventure I was ready to rejoice!
Landing in Illinois my home state
To hang out with family and friends...I could hardly wait!
My sis, Shari picked me up with Diet Coke in hand
I knew in a flash I was in the right land! hehehe!
I sent a blog postcard in case you missed the post
It was about grilling that night...cheers and a toast!
I felt like a tourist all chill and laid back
And I relaxed and enjoyed the evening without any flack!
We discussed the mural for Baby Liam's room
Inspired by flying...zoom! zoom! ZOOM!
From the sketch that I did at the table that night
To the wall in the room the little plane did take flight!

There was one thing missing during this trip
My Momma, Pat and I couldn't let that slip
It was one of the reasons that I came at this time
In memory of my Mom, our Princess Patty Sunshine!
A somber moment, as we visited the grave site
Two years have passed and it still doesn't seem right!
But I know she was smiling down from above
For she's the reason our family is filled with love!

From there we visited more family in K-town!
Drove through the streets and had a look around.
A little more eating a lot more fun
Mixed in with 3 days of party had us all on the run
We made sock monkeys perfect to share
Banners, cupcake toppers and candy jar flair
And I can't forget the awesome sweet treats
For Tatum's 1st birthday...a cool little feat!
In between the party planning and the birthday date
We headed to Hog Days...more fun on our plate!
We met up with up with family and old friends from high school 
We danced and hung out it was awesomely cool!
And the day arrived for Tatum's Sock Monkey Party
It was rock star cool and no one was tardy! hehehe
Last day in Illinois it was breakfast...ok brunch
Then we headed to the field for flag football before lunch
I watched from the sidelines as Parker played in the game
And before long it was time for me to hop back on the plane!
It was an awesome trip and I had an amazing time
But it's always good to get back home with a couple days to rewind
Which brings me to today and the end of my sock monkey trip
Smiling and laughing heading to work with a skip (ok, maybe
But I am cherishing the memories that I have in my heart
A most awesome time from ending to start!
Can't wait to do it again...let the planning begin!


Valerie-Jael said...

Glad you had such a great holiday, and hope you have tanked energy to start working again! Hugs, Valerie

Dale Anne Potter said...

More AWESOME artwork Joni! LOVE seeing them.
Glad to hear of your trip & YES, your Mom is missed but she right there with you all the time. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

Chris said...

You're amazing Joni, love this blog.

Gerri Herbst said...

My what a fabulous holiday filled with creativity and fun! Love the sock monkeys!