Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Letter H Is For Happy Hippos, Honey Bees and Hedgehogs!

Hip Hippo Hooray Letter H has come to play!
H is for Happy Hippo   8"x10"  Sharpie/Prismacolor Pencil  Copyright 2011
Yep, that's right!
Letter H is in plain site.
A Happy Hippo with a heart hat and hammer in his hand
He's the happiest hippo in this make-believe land.
A frilly blue heart held high in the sky
Helicopter takes flight on it's very first try.
And there's a prickly hedgehog with a green hair bow
Hearts all a flutter putting on a lovely show.
A sticky blue honey pot...honey bees buzzing 'round
Yes, this is definitely the happiest hippo in the whole town!
Here's a peek from start to finish!
 The Pencil Sketch
The Sharpie Marker Details and the big reveal!

H is for Hippo   copyright 2011

16 Letters down 10 more to go...
in The Pop Art Minis ABZ's show!

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Shannon said...

Hippos and hedgehogs and helicopters! Every time you have a new letter, I get even more excited. Hippos are my mom's favorite- she's been collecting them forever and I recently made her a hippo amigurumi for her birthday.

Dale Anne Potter said...

How COOL - Hippo, Helicopter & Hedgehog - AWESOME!