Sunday, October 2, 2011

The ABZ's Continue With N Is For Newt In A Necktie and...

Marching through the the ABZ's has been so much fun and I'm getting close to the end only 5 more letters and I'll be done! 
N-troducing Letter N!
N is for Newt    8"x10"  Sharpie/Prismacolor Pencil  copyright 2011
Letter N is for Newt in a Necktie..bright with bold lines
You'd think that he's dressed to the Nines
A Nightingale in a Nest sings
A Sweet Melody of musical Notes ring?
Or could this be the reason for the net?
Off the stage birdie...You're not ready yet.
Twinkling stars in a Night sky 
Letter N shines...I'm sure the moon is close by!
Working from the beginning here's the first sketch on my messy desk!
Next up the sharpie details
To the finished piece and the POPS of color!

N is for Newt    Copyright 2011
(The following N words were featured in this design...Newt, Necktie, Nightingale, Nest, Notes, Number Nine, Nail, Net.)
Letter N has been added to the group
Next up Letter U with join the troop!
(Do you spy anything a little off in this picture?)
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Sadly there is no Sunday Sketches Link up this week as Sophia's father has passed away and she is dealing with the devastation of her loss.
I'm sure we have all experienced great loss at some time in our lives and know the pain that accompanies it. There are not many things harder than losing someone that you love.
Sending comforting thoughts, Prayers and Heartfelt Hugs!


Dale Anne Potter said...

I am so ENJOYING seeing your process & all these FABULOUS letters. THANKS Joni!!!

Anonymous said...

I love everything about newts,, I even love saying the name!! This is a wonderful addition to you alphabet!! I know,,, its so sad about Sofia's dad,, it was heart wrenching to read her post today,, so so sad,,

Valerie-Jael said...

The Nicest Newt I never did see! Valerie

Sabina said...

Absolutely beautiful--heh, never thought I'd say that about a newt, let alone one who wears a necktie. But wow, also liked how you show us the steps. I was surprised you do the sharpie before the color. Doesn't the black ever bleed into your color?

ann @ studiohyde said...

As always another letter that makes me smile!

Christine said...

Newt in a necktie, lol, just charming. What a wonderful collection almost done!

Kristin Dudish said...

What could be niftier than a newt in a necktie?!? I also love the way you used the queen bee as the line in the Q - so, so cool... I love the way your mind works!


Finding Charm said...

What a cutie!

carol l mckenna said...

So delightful! Love your Newt ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey)

Shannon said...

I love the net! It's the unexpected ones that always make me smile!