Friday, October 28, 2011

Midnight Snacks, Mid-Day Shows and Goodie Bags Galore...Dolly Fun And So Much More!

It's been a crazy couple of days of festivities and fun in Vegas for the 20th Anniversary Marie Osmond Doll Celebration! 
With dolly goodie bags packed and waiting for the arrival of all of the Marie Osmond Dolly Friends to enjoy during a Midnight Snack complete with an Ice Scream Sundae Bar, Giveaways, 

And a Photo Booth of silliness with Marie and company... 

(Check out all of the photo booth fun HERE!) was definitely the perfect ending to Day 2 of the Dolly E-ventrue!
And what could top off that kind of a bang up beginning?
How about a private showing in the Flamingo Showroom with Magician Nathan Burton and Marie herself...magically appearing and sharing some amazing dolly memories with everyone in attendance!
(Pix Pre-show as no photos could be taken during the rules!)

Adora Belle Lottie Love even had a starring role as she was the center of attention on all of the tables...popping out of a top hat...magic wand and all!
There's still more fun ahead with a couple more shows and a Bingo Breakfast Saturday Morning! 
Now I'd say that's a GREAT way to kick off my Birthday!
Signing off and heading out the door...for singing, dancing and a whole lot more!
Who says, "What Happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas!?"  


Christine said...

Happy Birthday Joni! And yes, this is an awesome way to celebrate a birthday. Marie looks great.

Valerie-Jael said...

Great fun - have a wonderful birthday, too! Valerie