Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pop Art Minis 123's...Numbers 1 through 9 Look And See!

Just getting back from my China trip has me in a bit of a fog and my tick tock clock is definitely turned around so as I work on the final share today is just a quick pic recap of numbers 1 through 9!
Number 1 Little Indian playing peek a boo!
Number 2 colorful Toucans they definitely can do!
Number 3 Blind Mice Cool As Can Be!
Number 4 Funny Frogs Big Eyes To See!
Number 5 Best Friends Forever throw them a bone!
Number 6 Scoops of Ice Scream on a sugar cone!
Number 7 Angels heavenly for sure.
Number 8 Lucky Ladybugs silly and a bit demure!
Number 9 Hoot Owls wise with eyes a glow.
That ends the 1-9 picture recap, hope you enjoyed the show!

Next Up Number 10...can you guess how this number fun will end? 
With characters that are happy...or maybe a little bit sappy?
Stay Tuned!


Ann's Art said...

Hi Joni - your numbers are totally amazing....I especially like No. 3 with the mice (they look so Cool with their sunglasses) but in saying that all the numbers are great.....and no I can't think what No. 10 will be like, but somehow I know it will be brilliant!

NatashaMay said...

It's amazing to see them all together. Brilliant!

craftattack said...

Love all your numbers, looking forward to 10! Take it easy and give yourself time to arrive! Valerie

Party Of Four said...

I was looking through your blog. You are so talented!! These are just AMAZING!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

These are terrific! How did I miss some of them ~ Wow! ~ thanks, namaste, CArol ^_^

Katherines Corner said...

These are so adorable. Big Hugs and welcome home :-)

- T.W - said...

Such cool work, no6 would be my favorite! =9
As always, amazing design and I love the colors!

// -T.W-

Anonymous said...

wow, china , how cool is that!! The numbers look amazing,, I love each one.

Kristin Dudish said...

Joni - These are fantastic!!! It is so great to see them together and I am anxiously awaiting #10! Wheee!

I hope we get to hear (and see) more about your China trip! It sounds so exciting!


p.s. I love your googly eye post - I've bookmarked it as inspiration :)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I love the fun and prettty colors you used :)

MollyGirl said...

how creative. i love seeing a series like this. and all your little characters are so lively and cherubic. wonderful!

linda said...

Fabulous, all of them. It's great to see them all together. Can't think what 10 will be though.

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Love them all! I especially love those cute frogs!

Christine said...

you did these all so quickly! Very nice.