Saturday, October 15, 2011

Show and Tell Saturday and Sweet Number 6!

It's Show and Tell Saturday over at Artists in Blogland and also Sweet Saturday...the perfect time to share Sweet #6...which in the Pop Art Minis world of 1,2,3's means 6 delicious and super sweet scoops of ice scream on a sugar cone! YUMMY! Sharing my progress from sketch to finished pops of color and a recap of numbers 4,5,6 that I've squeezed in during my dolly development trip to China! Only 3 more days and I'll be back home so let's see that means 7,8,9...ain't that just fine!
I will be linking up over at Show and Tell Saturday and Sweet Saturday as soon as I hit Hong Kong on Tuesday...can't wait to see what everyone's been up too!
Wishing you a super sweet Saturday and beyond!
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craftattack said...

What a yummy number if it means 6 scoops of ice cream! Enjoy China, Valerie

Christine said...

oh yum yum, so cute!

our home to yours said...

very cute! you get more work done flying around the world, amazing. :)

Anonymous said...

!! :) Such a cute idea to have the ice creams form part of the six. I just love your artwork. It is so sweet and so perfectly drawn!

Finding Charm said...

Love the ice cream cone idea. Mint chip is my fave!

Indigene said...

It's always a visual treat to visit you! :)