Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Monday...One of Those Days!

Just wanted to pop in with a quick post...I've been finding these last few weeks have been a challenge to get to my drawing board every day. So today's share is just what I'm calling my Monday Mash up!
1.  My work desk is filled with some trinkets, treasures and treats for energy...busy, busy busy, but loving my new job at Rose Art!
2.   My latest drawing sits patiently waiting for pops of color! Hoping that I can still get to that before bedtime!  
3.  I spent a good part of the weekend dipping, dipping, dipping...and more dipping candles! Yummy Fun!

Amazing out of the mess above can come candles made with love! :)
Plus, family time too...whew! 
Hoping that after the holidays things will get back to normal!
That's all for today! Till tomorrow...Tuesday, Right!?!


Christine said...

Your candles look awesome, and it's a busy time of year for sure!

Carol said...

Your candles look awesome!!! I find myself focusing on the holiday stuff right now and not so much on my art. Kinda missing it too...but know it will be there for me when I have the time again.

Marla said...

Love reading all your posts. Diet Coke cheers to you. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

we all have so many things to do at this time of year , I love to see everything people are doing , not just art, well candle making is art isn't it, so is baking, well, you know what I mean!!

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful candles, but give yourself a breather now and again! Hugs, Valerie