Saturday, March 10, 2012

Belated Wishes To A Favorite Muse...Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

You know they say that birthday celebrations should last longer than a day and I definitely agree!! So in honor of one of my muse's...the good Dr. Seuss's birthday (who's official bday was 3/2/2012) this is a little post to keep the party going with belated birthday wishes and a few gold fishes!
(ok, maybe not fishes, but it rhymed with wishes and I couldn't resist-es)
Happy Birthday to the man behind "THE HAT", who gave us that strange and amazing cat
A creative genius through and through, but of course this you already knew!
His words and art excite, fill our brains with sweet delight!
From Horton who hears a who, here's some Seuss wisdom I'd like to share with you!
30 Seuss quotes to enjoy, celebrate and NOT annoy
In fact they might change your life, learn a lesson remove the strife!
Please sit back, enjoy and read, a lesson that Seuss did heed!
Dr. Seuss Quotes
(Oh, and in case the prints to small, click on the pic to remove the fine print wall)

Hope your day is filled with Seuss-tacular Fun!
Share your "amazingness" with everyone!

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Stacey Wright said...

I love Dr.Seuss glad to see other folks who are inspired by his work. Love the bookmark!!!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful man, he sure did alot for our family,, encouraged reading and made so much fun for us, I love his books, thanks for sharing this today

EVA said...

A lovely toast! My favourite book is "Oh The places you'll go" and some of the images I've used in my art! (little blogger "me" icon)

I bought one of the #d prints of one of the book pages from that book and have it up in my office.

HB to a great man!

Christine said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Dr Seuss! Nice tribute!

yaga said...

He is really very inspiring. It's weird that he doesn't seem to be known outside of English speaking counries. At least I had never heard of him until I met my English boyfriend, and I'm a kindergarten teacher.
happy birthday mr. seuss!


Alexandra MacVean said...

Love Dr. Seuss. Thank you for this happy post! :)

PS Have missed you at Sunday Sketches, girl! Hugs :)

Pa Ul said...

cute and lovely arts