Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We're Off To See The Wizard...Wonderful Wednesday Fun!

After a whirlwind weekend at QVC for some behind the scenes fun styling the dolls for their debut on the Marie Osmond Doll show, here's a peek back at my favorite characters from the show! 
The Adora Belle Wizard of Oz Gang! 
Too cute for words and they are on my dolly list of MUST HAVES...FOR SURE!
Who can resist this timeless bunch of friends and yes, foe...The Wicked Witch?
Here's some behind the scenes pix as they are posed for on air video shots...irresistible!
Dorothy...perfectly dressed in her ruby slippers, braided hair and gingham checked dress!
Auntie Em would be proud!
Glinda the Good Witch...gorgeous in her magical pink dress and crown!
The Wicked Witch in all her wicked that even possible? hehehe
The Scarecrow...dapper and as smart as can be!
Here he is again...posed and all set for lights, camera and action video!
Next up, The Tin Man in all his shiny glory...full of heart and timber, oops I mean as limber as can be!
And notice that fun book background...they come tucked inside this amazing box with official the Wizard of Oz Certificate!
And last but certainly not least...The Cowardly Lion! 
Full of courage and coifed to the tee-hee-hee!
A troupe like no other that much is true
The Wizard of Oz Adora Belle fun for me and YOU!

An enjoyable show for sure...wanna see more? 
Check out the videos as Marie presents more amazing dolls from Snow White to Heavenly Angels!
Follow this LINK down the yellow brick road!
Or check out more dolly pix of behind the scenes fun at QVC!

Wishes for a Wonderful Wednesday filled with Whimsical Fun!

NOTE: All dolls stand 12" tall and are hand made out of beautiful porcelain with hand set eyes and hand painted detailing! 


Valerie-Jael said...

What lovely dolls, looks like you had a fun and busy weekend! Valerie

Lisa M Griffin said...

Always fun to see what you are up to. :)

debbi@yankeeburrowcreations said...

even the witch is cute. :)

Finding Charm said...

They're wonderful! Such sweet faces.

Christine said...

such a cute collection!