Monday, September 17, 2012

The Electric Moon...Shining Brightly With 2 NEW Marquee Signs

We've added 2 new "electrifying" primitive vintage marquee light up signs to The Electric Moon's collection of sparkle, shimmer, and SHINE!
For all those round the clock Mom's that's kitchen's never seem to close!

For the perfect touch when you've been struck by cupid's arrow...perfect for weddings and bridal shower decor!

The Electric Moon
Making your world SHINE!


Nora MacPhail said...

Cool signs!

AM Zafaran said...

Ooohhh! That Mom's diner sign is sooo coool!!

Anonymous said...

I love them both!!

Victoria said...

Wow..these are all so super cool..fabulous work!! You are awesome..magical!!

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! HOW COOL are those!? LOVE them, xo