Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Come On Get "Scraps" Happy...The Original Scraps Mix & Match Plush

As a Product Manager for Rose Art-Mega Brands I get to work on a lot of fun and creative products with the hopes that one day they make it to the big time!
So after months of behind the scenes work with design, graphics, and our team of elves we're excited that our little plush friends are breaking into the retail scene!
Bits and pieces and a whole lot more...plush pom characters we're sure you'll adore!
What exactly is a Scraps You Might Ask?
They're poofy pom-pom characters with hearts as big as the moon and silly personalities that will make you swoon!
12 funny faces that show up in all kinds of places!
Each can be mixed, matched and buttoned together with love!
They have funny parts and pieces that are interchangeable amongst the group
Attached to each other with a button and loop!
And of course I can't forget about their little Pom Pals...they button onto the Scraps tag oh, so swell!
And a mystery to boot...oh, so cute!

So come on, take a closer look at these silly balls of mixed up fun!
Check out and learn about each and everyone!

A real tweet-heart through and through!
Always cheerful and has a song for YOU!

A kooky Pirate with a great big hat
Sails the seas for treasure and thinks the earth’s flat!

A mystical soul and never drool
Smart as tack as a matter of fact!

A boisterous Viking always on a quest
Strong and able…one of the best!

A treasured friend, always by your side
Cuddly cute…takes things in stride!

A real cool dude that’s never rude!
Lovin’ life…has a great attitude!

Digs trees, the birds and bees
Hikes the mountains, swims the seas!

Irresistible, fun and cute as can be
Full of life…always happy!

A wise little guy that hangs out in trees
Peers through his glasses, studies what he sees!

A best friend for sure and oh, so neat!
Heart of gold and very sweet!

Fashion forward with a funky twist
Fancy free and hard to resist!

Furry, Cute…Purr-fect in every way
This little one will make your day!


You can find this wacky world of whimsy and fun at 
 these fine retailers!

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