Sunday, October 21, 2012

This Little Light Of Mine...Go Ahead Let It SHINE!

The Electric Moon is shining bright!
And we've got some new signs we hope will delight!
Introducing a little Alphabet fun! 
ABC's for everyone!

Don't see a letter that speaks to you...let us know I'm sure we can do!
Or how about a flashback with our PEACE sign!

We think you'll think it's just devine!

But if our new signs don't brighten your day
We can do custom orders to light your way!
Little Lights that you can call mine...let The Electric Moon make your world shine!


Emmy said...

So cool! Love those signs. Would be a fun photo shoot prop even

Unknown said...

These are great Joni!! Love your blog!! So happy we got to meet at the Socal Social this weekend! I'm following you via GFC :)
Barbara at Chase the Star

Anonymous said...

wow, they are amazing!! I lost my blog, I had to start again, I'm so glad I found you again!!