Friday, November 9, 2012

#Sketches In Black & White! #Blythe Inspired Delights!

I've been trying to do a sketch a day this past week and was inspired by big eye Blythe dolls!
Their big eyes and waif like look just draw me in (hehehe)!  
Here's a look back at the sketches in black and white followed by the dolly that inspired the drawing! 
Pops of color to come soon!

Photo Credit: Vainilladolly
 Photo Credit: Andreea Mariuk So Busy

Photo Credit: Herzlihkeiten

Check out my Big Eye Blythe Pinterest Board to see more inspiration and fun!

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Lisabella Russo said...

Awww these are so cute! They really capture the look of the dolls, but they have their own unique feel!

Alicia C said...

Absolutely adorable dolls and drawings! ! The blythe dolls are a shoe in for pop art minis

Tracey FK said...

I prefer your drawings to the dolls... your line and tonal work inspire me to take more time on my work... looking forward to a good afternoon in the studio now...xx

Christine said...

they're all so cute! Nice to see the inspiration dollies.

peggy gatto said...

totally fresh and charming!!!

Netty said...

Loving these big eyed girls, so cute.
Happy PPF, Annette x

Finding Charm said...

What a cool project! They're perfect! Such adorable inspirations.

Anne Manda said...

Love your sketches, so sweet and well done! Blythe dolls are awesome, as are Pullip dolls - I adore creatures with big eyes, I guess... ^_^*~

Katie said...

Love your sketches!

Linda Richardson said...

well I have learnt something new today - my first experience of these dolls, and I love the way you have captured their big wide eyes!

Alexandra MacVean said...

Way too amazing and way too cute! I LOVE your inspiration dolls, too! SUPER cute sketches. :)

nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham) said...

These are incredible. Do you do caricatures? I love them. Very good.

Unknown said...

Your drawings are prettier than the dolls your art is very much alive. Happy PPF!