Saturday, May 18, 2013

LOVIN' Me Some Custom Cool Vintage Marquee Signs!

We've been working on a lot of custom signs to add a personal touch to someone's personal space over at The Electric Moon...our little bright spot.  
Here's a peek at what we've been up to this past week!
I'm having a whole lotta LOVE for these 36" super size marquee letters.  Can't wait to see them shining bright! They'll soon be delivered to a special couple for a backdrop at their upcoming wedding! Hopefully we'll have some amazing pix to share soon!
Something's cookin' in the KITCHEN! 
And it's surely going to be fun to "Eat At Sam's" once this beauty is shining bright over sweet extended peek at the start to finish! Deliciously cool, how about a custom sign for YOU? hehehe
Penciling in the letters
The color palette
Beginning with Eat...sweet!
Next up the gold...I'm sold!
Painting almost eat at Sam's treat!
Finishing touches...a double coat, maybe?
Antiquing the sign...looking fine!
Next up the lights...on this custom delight!

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