Monday, June 3, 2013

Creative Tuesdays...CANDY!

This weeks inspiring word prompt over at CREATIVE TUESDAYS is CANDY!  
And with such an irresistibly sweet subject I just couldn't resist jumping in and joining in the fun!
CANDY Girl with her hair in curls!
Sharing a treat...adorable and sweet!
Candy box in hand, ain't life grand.

8"x10" Pencil Sketch
Candy Girl
Pop by Creative Tuesdays and check out all of the sweet and deliciously creative designs!


Christine said...

She is so very sweet, pun intended!

Teri said...

Your style is so unique, I would recognize it anywhere with that adorable girl. Wonderful art.

lissa said...

very sweet drawing - makes a great valentines card

have a great day.

Alexandra MacVean said...

Your candy girl is darling! I love the detail on her candy box as well. I can't wait to see her colored! Hugs, Joni. :) xx

Abigail Davidson said...

I really like your style of drawing! She is so adorable and definitely sweet!

Unknown said...

so sweet! and I love the detail (12 oz...) can't wait to see her in color.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Visiting from Creative Tuesdays - oh my, she is adorably cute!! :0)

Finding Charm said...

I love her hair!

Michael said...

the detail on this is absolutely deliriously crazily superb, Joni! I get a sugar rush just looking at it. Such fun! And as soon as I saw your name, I knew what style the art would have. You did not disappoint. Another brilliant piece. How lovely, btw, to have you back here. I've never forgotten your suns and moons for your very first CT entry way back when. So glad you came back here. I hope we get to see more of you too. I can just see you loving the next theme, come tomorrow night.

linda (dots n doodles) said...

She is adorable, and so sweet right down to her little button nose. Gorgeous!