Sunday, February 9, 2014

4 Months Old Today...Woof! Woof! Hip Hip Hooray!

Our little LuluMoon is 4 months old today! 
Sharing a few of my fave face shots since we brought this bundle of energy home! 

It's been a few years since we had a puppy and we've gotten a quick refresher course on how much work they require!  But we think she's a keeper and we won't be trading her in for anything!
Woof! Woof! Hip Hip Hooray...4 Months Old Today!


Unknown said...

So adorable! I've always wanted a Pomeranian. My cats are fluffy like a pom so at least that is good. Your Lulumoon is so sweet.

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Aww I like the name of your cute kitten I.e.lulumoon.She is so adorable. Happy to you and lulumoon on her 4th month birthday.