Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lulu Moon...My Puppy Love

A friend on Instagram suggested that I create a sketch of my little Lulu Moon!  Of course I couldn't resist such a sweet inspiration...here's a peek at my puppy love!
Tiny and cute, little Lulu Moon
You're adorable and sweet you make me swoon.
I love the way you run and play
You always seem to make my day!
You're my best friend that much is true!
My Lulu Moon, how I love YOU!

"Lulu Moon...My Puppy Love"
8"x10" Pencil Sketch


Kim said...

This is totally adorable. I love the puppy with the tongue hanging out.

Christine said...

oh so cute, and the puppy's adorable.

Alexandra MacVean said...

Lulu is OH SO darling! So glad you did. Awwww. Very precious. :)

Unknown said...

That the most adorable puppy sketch:) I can see you put lot's of love to this drawing:) adorable -Niina